The Hedges of Stafford/Prince William Counties Virginia 1660- 1980 - Contents

Robert Hedges is the author, and owns this story, but many researchers contributed varied lines of descent. It shall never be lost due to many copies being passed around. There are Legacy/GEDCOM files circulating now.
Library of Congress Copyright No. TXu-185-888 27 Jan 1987 = TXu-277-891 27 Jan 1987 = TXu-548-501 16 Sept 1992 = TX4-487-022 2 Apr 1996 = TX4-558-085 11 Jun 1997 = TX4-640-452 22 Dec 1997 = TXu1-249-195 4 Feb 2005

This is a CD-R of the original manuscript, with many scanned family album pictures, and also many maps and the document set to support all facts and theories. Write if you want a CD. There are notes, and Legacy GEDCOM files, to be completed by those with spare time to contribute. This text is written in MS Word 5.1 for Macintosh. These (now old) files can be opened as text. The MS Office of 2008 is too advanced without early document suport. Text files will be safer for long term usability.
INDEX OF HEDGES HISTORY w/ latest additions.